How to recover data of computer

Deleting important data or files by accident is a common mistake. Thankfully, you can get back without wasting money. Check out how to recover them for free.

Firstly, you need to check the recycle bin and if you are lucky your files or data may still be there. It’s also better to check other avenues like mails, pen drive, and more so that if your file is there you can easily retrieve it. But sometimes it happens that you hastily delete any data or files using Shift and Delete keys together.


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In case you are sure of the fact that you have lost the data, fear not. There comes a free tool called DiskDigger which can help you recover your important files. Download DiskDigger but there is no need to install it. All that you have to do is extract the contents of the .zip archive and run the .exe file. Ideally, one should download it in advance, before it is actually required.


Start the DiskDigger program. It will show you all the disks and all you have to do is select the right one containing your deleted data. Click on ‘next’ for three times. It will be time-consuming to scan the disk. Your deleted files will be listed and you just have press the ‘next’ option.

DiskDigger may not show you the right name of the file but there is a preview option that you can always check. Once you have identified the deleted file(s) which you want to retrieve, select them in the list and click on the ‘recover selected file’ option. Then, you need to choose the folder where you want to restore the data.

This is how you can restore your deleted or lost data.


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