Do you experience slow boot time on Windows 10?

What is happening with your laptop which was working fine few days back? Are you not able to start it quickly and give a quick demo to your clients or show a short video to your kid who is crying continuously. Either professional or personal task, the necessity to start your laptop fast would always be there, so you should find the root cause for the problem quickly so that you could set yourself free from the tensions. Could you recollect if the problem has started from the day you have upgraded your system from windows 7 or 8 to windows 10, if yes then you could easily find the solution as well.


You should know how the boot works in windows 10, though you shut down the system and stop all the apps, the windows kernel remains in hibernate mode to allow for a fast restart, but still this may not be truly satisfying for the windows 10 users. Hence it is advisable that you identify the settings for the power buttons, then unselect the “Turn on fast start up” under the Shut-down settings section. This will give you a great relief from the slow start up problem that you have been facing since the laptop is upgraded. You should always trust that for any problem you would get the solution.

The long-lasting windows operating system would not leave you with problems without providing a solution for the same. So, for any other problems that you face after upgrade you would get the apt solution when you continue your search for the solution.

For more windows 10 technical issues solution visit: Microsoft Technical Support or Call @ 1844-798-3801 Toll Free

If you facing Windows Is Showing Errors In Safe Mode So you can visit : How to Fix Windows Is Showing Errors In Safe Mode and solve your windows issues.

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