Things to consider before buying an antivirus:

I happened to meet one of my friends yesterday on my way to a grocery store. In the conversation, he said he was heading on to a virus removal support for getting his laptop repaired. He seemed annoyed and when I asked him the reason, he told me that his laptop started misbehaving and it lost important information as it is corrupted. When I inquired about the antivirus installed, he seemed confused and said he does not know the correct one for his system as there are many in the market. I felt pity for him as he was all set to give a presentation the other day and lost that part which was crucial for him. Since I have a decent knowledge about selecting the correct antivirus, I am compiling this article so that nobody else suffers like him. So, let’s see what the pre-requisites are before purchasing an antivirus!!

Price of the Antivirus: Price is the foremost thing to look at before buying the antivirus. There are many varieties in the market of which few are expensive and the others are free. You may want to consider a reasonable one. It need not be an expensive one to keep your system secure. U can inquire the Norton Antivirus Customer Service for the available packages


Norton Antivirus technical Support Phone Number USA : 1844-798-3801 Toll Free

Speed and size: Focus on how fast you can scan the computer with the antivirus. A package which is light in size and offers a “speedy scan” can be a good one if you want it to scan in a quick moment. This allows the user to spend a minimal time on their computer without having to wait for the scan. Although it is not a thorough scan, a quick scan can keep you out of tension. Since it does not cover much space, it won’t affect the performance of the PC. Any virus scanned can be handed over to the virus removal support.

Features: If I had to buy an antivirus, the features I prefer are email and PC scanner, browsing protection, download protection against malicious software programs like viruses, malware, trozan horse, key logger, worms, bots etc., identity and network protection, parental control, automatic form filler and firewall. The more the features, the better the protection is. I prefer to find as many features as possible within a reasonable price. If this is ignored, one has to come across the virus removal support

Cross platform compatibility: These days, users generally have many gadgets running on different operating systems. Windows, Android, Mac Linux should be taken care of by a single antivirus. I prefer an antivirus which can manage all my gadgets in a single buy. The crucial thing I take I want to ensure before buying an anti virus is that it should be compatible to all the versions of operating systems running on my gadgets. If the software is not compatible, you may have to contact antivirus support team.

Privacy policy: To every one’s surprise, many reputed antivirus manufacturers share your personal information on a large scale. Be careful before sharing your information and be aware of whom you are sharing the data with. Go through the privacy policy before purchasing a software.

Real time monitoring: It can be convenient to scan on a real time and to have information readily available when you need it. Few programs run on the background and may give you a choice to pause or turn them off at stipulate time schedules. This is very convenient for the user who browses online, download files, and check emails at regular intervals as it saves a lot of time.

Customer care : Antivirus support should be the best as it is quiet helpful when you need an aid or a resource.

Hope this guide has been helpful in short listing the correct antivirus for your system!!

Informative Link :-  How Norton Antivirus Makes Your Computer Secure


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