Advantages of adware!

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Not to mention, none of us is flawless. Likewise nobody is super human; everyone has some merits and demerits. Cyber analysts say, adware infects system, they invite virus and malware. But do not forget, they also say adware are not all together bad, there are certain positive aspects of adware which put them in good books too.  Like…

One of the positive aspects of the adware is that it helps you in getting free software. The makers of the software will embed adware in the application, or have it serve you pop-up ads. In exchange, you get the software free rather than pay for its use.

The makers of adware are not familiar with you. They buy data from the research companies to approach you. Like, you need  sweets for your friend’s wedding, and there is no sweet shop around at that moment you itch your head  and an ad pops out of system, this ad is about online delivery of sweets , so here adware is boon and there is no doubt.

Likewise you might need biscuits for your son’s coming birthday; adware on the system’s screen tells you about the place from where you get crunchy biscuits.

Adware software publishers generate money through ads served to the end-user. This gives them another source of income beyond selling of software. The toolbars, specifically, are add-on tools that might help software publishers gain user loyalty, as well as give them an outlet to advertise updates and other products.

The income derived from presenting advertisements to the user may allow or motivate the developer to continue to develop, maintain and upgrade the software product.

For the majority of the time, where there is adware, there is an opportunity to make money. Since there are not enough monetary donations to cover expenses incurred from developing a download, advertisers are usually willing to contribute money

In return, they simply ask the download distributors to add their adware with whatever they are offering. If we sum up all aspects only one thing comes out that is Adware saves a lot of advertising expenditure it doesn’t matter if you do or do not utilize free downloads.

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