How can you format USB Drive, when windows was unable to format complete

USB drive (pen drive, SD card, external hard drive, USB flash drive)can’t be format in usual process, even try to format it so many time, this issue have been faced by computer users one or the other time, then we need to try some specific method to format the USB drive.

But in case highly damaged USB drive, these method also can’t applicable. Make sure you have the backup of all important data and files of the USB drive that are going to format, because files will be deleted during the formatting process. In case, if do not have backup and USB drive is inaccessible, then first you need to try perform recovery process from the damaged USB Drive and then go with format procedure.

So now connect your USB drive to computer system and perform format by following the steps by step method as is described below:-

Format USB drive via Disk Management

Windows provides disk management that is helpful to manage disks and partitions for the computer system. We can create new volume, extended or shrink partition, change drive letter, delete or format partition with the use of disk management. If the USB drive becomes uninitialized and unallocated or use unrecognized file format, it is not show in My Computer or Windows Explorer that means its can’t be formatted by right-click on the Format option. So, try to format via disk management :-

Step 1:- Open your computer system, right click on My Computer and choose the manage from the opened menu.

disk mangement

It opens the built in computer management utilities. Click the disk management on left side. You can see the local hard drive, partitions and USB drive in the center section. You should be able to recognize certain USB drive by the size.

disk management

Step 2:- Now right click on the USB drive, choose Format option and then select the file system format to fast formatting. In case, due to some reason , this process can’t be successful, then you may go with step 3.

Step 3:- Make the right click on USB drive and choose New Simple Volume option. New simple Volume Wizard will instruct you to recreate new partition for the USB drive. Operations are following the onscreen instruction, setting option and Next button click.

USB drive formatting

Once the process is completes,USB drive has been Formatted and properly recognized by the system.

USB recognised

Format with Command Prompt

In case of failure of Disk Management, you can switch on command line based formatting method. It seems quite difficult to the common computer user, but actually it’s not like that. Just you need to follow instruction and everything will be done easily.

Step 1:- Click on Start button and type cmd in the search box and then press Enter that open command prompt window.

command prompt

Step 2:- Write diskpart and hit Enter key and after then type list disk, press Enter that shows you partition and disk list of the current computer.

USB Drive Formatting

Step 3:- Type select disk # (replace it with the number associated with certain USB drive) and press Enter. Further type clean and hit Enter that check or scans the USB drive for the errors. Once the process is completed, confirmation message shown – It has successfully cleaned the drive and new partition need to be create.

USB Drive

Step 4:- Furthermore, type create primary partition and press Enter and then type format/FS:FAT32 and press Enter  that will format USB drive in FAT file system.

FAT 32 file system

By these method, you can try to format  your USB drive, in case of more serious issues, you need take the help of authorized repair center.

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