Windows7 most common problem – Older programs not compatible


Generally we are facing problem to run some old version software just because of changes under the hood from the windows XP days. But this issues can be solved easily with compatible mode of windows7.

If you are try to try to install old version of software,then surely you will get the error message:-


When you close the error message, the program compatibility Assistant message shown in your screen that advising the the certain program can’t installed correctly. Select Reinstall using recommended settings to try install again it.

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The program Assitant went through and fixed the issues by automatically choosing the correct compatibility mode to the installation, so that we becomes able to install the application.

Know, how can you run older application with compatible mode:-windows7 compatible mode

With program compatible mode, we can run certain programs that ware written for the earlier version of windows.  To run the software application, configure the compatibility mode by locating the installation file and then right click on the .exe, choose Properties from the opened menu.

And choose Compatibility tab

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Check run this program in compatibily mode for and select the latest version of windows of which you know that the program was running on, from the pull-down menu.

Once it is installed, we have to repeat this step with the program itself.To do that right click on the program icon and select the properties,go with compatibility tab, check the run this program in compatibility mode for and the after select the respective Windows operating system.

Depending on the issues,you may change the settings for the program that you want to run and you should explore these.

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