How can cybercriminal commit cybercrime


Cybercriminals are malicious user who can use the internet to steal someone’s information, hack accounts(mail, facebook, bank account) or infect their computer systems with malicious. Generally crackers, hackers are known as cybercriminal.

Mainly cybercriminals use computer in three manners:-


Computer System as the Target:-In this category, cybercriminal attack other individual’s computer system to harm them either financially or socially by stealing their confidential data or identity, spreading virus and performing other malicious activities.

Computer System as The Weapon:-Criminals use computer system as a weapon to carry out Conventional Crime like spam, fraud, illegal gambling and other bad activities.

Know the attacking techniques, that is used by the cybercriminal:-

Zombie Computer:-Cybercriminal hacks the some others people’s computer and use it to launch malicious software or to become part of a botnet.

Fast Flux:- Criminals moves the data among the computer systems in the botnet so that source of malware or phishing website can’t  be traced so easily.

Botnet:-It is the network of software robots or bots that are capable enough to spread malware automatically.

Skimmers:-Skimmers is that device that steals credit card information when the card is swiped out. Often it can be happen in restaurants, stores when the card is out of the authorized person’s view and frequently the credit card information is sold out online through the criminal community.

Denial-of-Services Attacks:- Making the network or server so busy in order to make it unavailable to its user.

Social Engineering:-It is the technique that is use by cyber criminals to uses lies and manipulation to trap the individuals for revealing their personal information.

Common types of cybercriminals:-

Script Kidder:- Some computer user who understand themselves  to be a hacker but actually in lack of technical knowledge or programming skills, they are only able to attack  on weak security systems. They can’t capable to hack any strong security networks.

Phisher:- They attacks on your data security by sending spam e-mails with fake attachments, generally to get your personal or financial information.

Scammers:-Scammer trace your credit card information during it’s swiping time and try to harm you financially.

Insiders:-These are only 20 present of the threat, but they produce 80 percent of damage. These are known as highest risk cybercriminal, according to name, they generally reside within an organization.

Advanced Persistent Threat(APT) Agents:- They are responsible for highly targeted attacks performed by extremely organized state-sponsored groups, they have deep technical skills.

Political/religious/commercial group:-These attacker are not to be intended for its own personal financial gain. They can develop malware software for political end. For example Stuxnet worm created by the foreign government that attacked on Iran’s Atomic Program of its Nuclear Facilities.

Take precaution to avoid the cybercrime, use anti-virus and keeps it updated, enable anti-spyware.For any kind of tech support help for anti-virus or virus removal support, you may call us on mcafee antivirus technical support phone number@1-844-798-3801

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