Beware about phishing to reduce the chance of phished up

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Phishing is the technique that is applied by cyber criminals to trace your personal information- login ID, password, credit card details, social security number for the malicious purpose by masquerading as the authorized person in an electronic  communication(like emails).

Typically victims receives the emails that seems like to send by the trustworthy resources .Generally, an attachments or links are mention with the message that may install malware on the computer systems or redirects you that sites where your personal or financial information is requested.

Information That May Asked By The Phishing Sites:-

  • Credit card number
  • Social security number
  • Username and passwords
  • Personal Identification Number(PINs)
  • Bank account detail
  • Bate of birth

Must know any legitimate organizations would never request this information of you via email.

Know how can you recognize phishing emails:-

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Spelling and grammar: Generally cyber criminals don’t care about the spelling and grammar during writing the e-mail message. You may see this line”bellow to fill the Copyright Low form” in some emails that is used by the attackers.

Links in e-mails:-Beware of the links, if have doubt to link that is mention in your email , then never click on it. Don’t click on the link if you see the address matches the link that was typed in message like Some links also leads you to .exe file. These kind of file usually spreads malicious software.

Threats: Cyber attackers usually use threats to scares you regarding you security. Usually in phishing emails, you may  receive the threats that is like your bank account will be blocked if you don’t response the email

Spoofing popular websites or companies:-Cyber criminals generally use graphics in their emails that appears to be connected to legitimate websites but actually it takes you to phony scam sites or legitimate looking pop-ups windows.

To avoid the phishing your information always enables spam filters, firewalls and update antivirus.If you have some problem to maintain your security of computer systems, then you also get the help from norton technical support toll free phone number@1-844-798-3801

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