Aware with some most recent ransomware

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TeslaCrypt Ransomware: TeslaCrypt  ransomware is the another form of ransomware infection that encrypt user’s computer system files or programs using Advanced Encryption Standard(AES used by U.S. government). Whenever, the files are encrypted , bad guys demands ransom to decrypt the files or programs and provide the private key to the computer . There are more than 40 different video games targeted by TeslaCrypt Ransomware for example MineCraft, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, World of Tanks, Dragon Age, RPG Maker, and Steam.

RemindMe Ransomware:

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RemindMe ransomware  is the another variant of Ransomware malware software. It behaves just like a CrytoBit Trojan except the  encryption method the size of ransomware. It uses .remind extension to the compromised files. decypt_your_files.html and decypt_your_files.txt files are placed in each folder containing the encrypted files. These files contain a message stating that the files are encryptedOnce the RemindMe ransomware infected your computer system, the cyber criminal demands 2 Bitcoins($885.3) as ransom to decrypt the files. Encrypted file only be decrypted by using private key, that is stored on remote server controlled by the developer of RemindMe Ransomware.


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CryptOLOcker Ransomware attacks on your computer system by using infected attachments in email with the topic like package tracking, speeding tickets, unpaid invoice etc. After the successful attack on user computer system , CryptOLOcker  malware encrypt the files ,then  encrypted file have .encrypted extension and then demands 2.2 Bitcoins as the ransom to decrypt the files. CryptOLOcker Reansomware  encrypt the all files which is stored in victims computer system except the except the.html, .inf, .manifest, .chm, .ini, .tmp, .log, .url, .lnk, .cmd, .bat, .scr, .msi, .sys, .dll, .exe,  .avi, .wav, .mp3, .gif, .ico, .png, .bmp and .txt etc.

TrueCrypt Ransomware:

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TrueCrypt Ransomware is the type of ransomware that encrypt the stored file  by using AES-256 method and the encrypted file have .enc extension. TrueCrypt Ransomware targets .rar, .7zip, .php, .doc., .pdf and many other files. The public key and private Key(Decryption) generated during the encryption of file. Files are restored only with private key that is stored on command and Control server that is controlled by the developer of ransomware.

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