How can you delete cookies in Google chrome? Know something about it

Cookies play pivotal role, but there are some demerits which cannot be ignored like, because of cookies system hangs, that’s why some times we need to know how to delete cookies  on our internet browser.

Delete cookies on Google chrome:-

Open Google Chrome. Click chrome settings in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window.  After this select settings in the dropdown menu.

how to delete cookies

At the bottom of the new window, click advanced settings.

how to delete cookies on google crome

Under the privacy section, click the content settings button.

how to fix tech issues

In the content settings window under cookies, select allow local data to be set to enable cookies or block sites from setting any data and click on all cookies and site data.

how to disable cookiec on google crome

From all cookies and site data, you may choose some cookies  or all the the cookies to delete.

how to fix tech issues

How can you delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox?

Although Firefox accepts all cookies by default, the browser actually offers more options than chrome when it comes to customizing settings.Click on the “Tools” menu button at the top, and in the drop-down menu, select “Options.”

how to delete cookies on mozilla firefox

Navigate to the “Privacy” tab

how to manage cookies on firefox

and under “History” set Firefox to “Use custom settings for history.”

In cookies dialog box you may select Remove cookies to delete selected cookies which you want.

How to delete cookies

Or you may choose Remove all cookies to delete all the cookies.

how to fix cookies issues on mozilla firefox

How can you manage these cookies?

Firefox gives endless options to manage these cookies. You can accept or block these cookies outright. Firefox asks for your permission before storing these cookies.

Delete cookies on Firefox

Click on show cookies, from there you scroll through a list accumulated by fire fox clear them individually or remove them as a group.

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