Know how to run McAfee fixes or McAfee Virtual Technician

How to fix antivirus issues

After open the computer in Safe Mode and fix the problem, you still facing the problem connecting to internet with McAfee software, then you may try to run the McAfee fixes or McAfee Virtual Technician.

If you are unable to access the internet from your main computer, then you need to use another computer system to download McAfee Standalone Tool and Virtual Technician , then by using USB drive and transfer  them to the main computer.


You can run McAfee Virtual Technician by following Some simple step:-

  1. First, install McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) and open the McAfee Technical Support For Home and Office web page and download the MVT to the computer system.
  2. Click the Start option on the McAfee Technical Support For Home and Office.
  3. File Download – Security Warning dialogue box will appear, click on Next button.
  4. Click on Run button and follow the prompts in the installation wizard.
  5. On the license agreement click on I Agree to accept option to begin the installation wizard.
  6. Once the installation of MVT completes, select or deselect the options mention in below as you required, then click on Finish.
  • To schedule the MVT scan click on schedule scan and remediation From drop-down menus, you may also schedule frequency, time in hours, and the meridian.
  • After the installation, click on create desktop shortcut to create MVT shortcut on the desktop.
  • To launch MVT immediately after it is installed, click on Launch McAfee Virtual Technician.
    1. When the MVT installation completed, click the start button on the McAfee service portal page and the initializing Virtual Technician page, then update virtual technician page followed by the running virtual technician page.
    2. Result page will be appear when the MVT checks the computer completely. If MVT detects any problem with your McAfee software, then leave the Autofix  option otherwise click on Next.
    3. Restart the computer normally and try to access the internet after the Autofix completed.

You may run the McAfee Virtual Technician yourself ,but still if you have any issues then you can ask me and I will provide you Online McAfee Support services.

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